The NSW Get Healthy at Work program includes a free active travel package for workplaces  . With a registration to Get Healthy at Work workplaces are able to identify active travel as a health area they would like to address. The Active Travel package includes planning, evaluation and implementation tools that are already developed and easy to use for small and large organisations.

Organisations including councils are able to plan for Integrated Planning for Active Travel.  The Planning and Reporting tool for Integrated Active Travel is an excellent tool to incorporate Active Travel across council areas  .

There are many other relevant planning tools for NSW councils, developers and health documented in the Creating Healthy Built Environments Flyer (2MB download)


TFNSW                                        Sydney’s Cycling Future

Sydney’s Cycling Future presents a new direction in the way we plan, prioritise and provide for cycling in Sydney. This supports the change in culture we are seeing in Sydney with more people choosing to ride a bike for transport.

Our focus is on the 70 per cent of NSW residents who tell us that they would like to ride a bike more for everyday transport – and would do so if cycling was made a safer and more convenient option for them.

Sydney’s Cycling Future (pdf 5.4MB)

19 December 2013

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Safer Cycling on Botany Bay

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