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Anzac Active Transport Corridor

Meeting up in the Active Transport Corridor

We have a unique opportunity in Sydney’s South East to develop a state of the art Active Transport Corridor linking Maroubra Junction to Yarra Bay Junction with off links to major recreational destinations such as Malabar Headland, Maroubra Beach, Sporting Fields such as Chifley Reserve, Cape Banks  and La Perouse.   There are a couple of pinch points that would need to be aligned along the corridor but for the most part walkers, joggers, cyclists, wheelchair and mobility cart users would enjoy the parkland that now divides Anzac Parade.

Bob Clarke Memorial Malabar

It would require the installation of separated walking and cycling paths, strategic greening for shade in summer, seating, water refill stations, and lighting,   as well as secure bicycle parking at entries to beaches, viewing platforms,  Maroubra Junction transit hub and other places.  In addition there could be outdoor gyms and public art incorporated along the way.

Outdoor Gym

It would be shorter than the proposed Sutherland to Cronulla link and would be less challenging given the existing corridor. 

With high growth population projections for communities along Anzac Parade this could address some of the the mobility demands while at the same time providing a recreational feature.  The existing footpaths linking communities in South Ward are not attractive for short to medium length trips.  For instance Malabar to La Perouse takes about 40 minutes to walk however there is no shade along the route,  no bubblers.   The road is marked in parts for cycling but is not suitable for novice riders.  Footpaths are narrow.  A creative solution using the existing ‘parkland’ could take pressure off the transit system, reduce car travel for short trips, provide a safe environment for traveling to schools, shops and the regional centre at Maroubra as well as address health and wellbeing targets.