Comments on the M5East Westconnex Project close 29th January.  It takes only a few minutes to make a submission on the necessity for incorporating one or a number of cycle paths to meet commitments under the Transport for NSW Sydney’s Cycling Future (endorsed by Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian and Roads and Maritime Minister, Duncan Gay).

Intermodals NSW Ports 30 YearsWestconnex is a highly disruptive project with one of its key objectives to facilitate the movement of containerized freight from Port Botany to intermodals at Enfield, Moorebank, Eastern Creek, Badgery’s Creek, Minto, Chullora, Villawood and thereafter broken down for distribution – see NSW Ports 30 year Plan for details.

Compensatory work needs to be undertaken so please don’t miss the opportunity to make your voice for cycling heard.

Visit this webpage to make your submission 

This is an example of a project that could be undertaken – the M5East Greenlink.

Back when the original M5 tollroad was built the RTA gave assurances to build active transport links along the whole project.

Unfortunately, despite overwhelming community support and a budget being allocated it never happened. The M5 Linear path terminates at Bexley North just shy of the Bardwell Valley where the tunnel starts, rather than continuing on the surface through the valley to Wolli Creek and Tempe.


Now our community is once more dealing with masses of construction noise, pollution and traffic as the M5 is duplicated for the Westconnex tollroad project.  A new government and newly named Transport for NSW once more promised that all major infrastructure would have active transport connections along their length. To meet this commitment the NSW Government should spend some of the $17 billion project budget finishing what they started so many years ago to provide access for residents and visitors to the wonderful Bardwell and Wolli Creek Valley.

Take the time to say:

 1. Why you want more recreational access to the Bardwell Valley

2. Why it should be dealt with as part of Westconnex

If you have donated more than $1000 to any political party, elected member, group or candidate within this financial year, we recommend that you make your submission at the NSW Planning website, noting their requirements around disclosure of reportable political donations.


Submission: WestConnex New M5 Environmental Impact Statement (SSI 14_6788)

To the Director, Major Planning Assessments, Department of Planning

I write to express my strong disappointment that once again the NSW government are building major infrastructure through the Bardwell and Wolli Creek valleys and yet doing nothing to address promises in the past to make the corridor more accessible for active transport and recreational activities.

The Bardwell Valley is largely inaccessible to older members of the community and young families as despite a plan of management being developed back in 2004 no action has been taken by successive NSW governments to resolve longstanding missing accessibility infrastructure.

Local communities have to deal with the construction, pollution and traffic on local roads created by the Westconnex project and the tolls on the M5 and regional density changes with the Arncliffe and Banksia Priority Precincts. The Government needs to deliver on their promises of green spaces and supporting active transport by delivering on the Bardwell Valley Green Link, extending the M5 Linear path through to it’s intended destination at Wolli Creek and in doing so fund the Plan of Management for Bardwell Valley and make the region a National Park once and for all. This calls for:

  • Improved environmental and recreational links to adjoining urban areas
  • Establish a range of path types and loops
  • Importance of linear movement through the Park but acknowledging the site’s sensitive environments which may determine a variety of approaches and opportunities
  • Create a recreational focus for the park that has at its core the enjoyment and educational benefits of the sites natural values
  • Expectations that the park will be safe and enjoyable to use without polluting impacts from ventilation outlets
  • Potential for wider recreational access and use of the park via public transport
  • Potential for the Park to have a strong educational and interpretation role
  • Ensuring that recreational facilities are sited in appropriate settings within the Park
  • Increased focus on access to and enjoyment of the creek itself through paths, informal canoe launching sites etc

I agree that I have not donated more than $1000 to any political party, elected member, group or c andidate within this financial year.

I agree to the NSW Planning Department publishing my submission on their website, including a any personal details it contains.


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