Access Molineux Point and Prince of Wales Drive

MP 7 June 2014 Molineux Point, at the end of Prince of Wales Drive, has been a popular destination for  for cyclists and walkers.  However, increasingly it is getting more difficult to access.  (Photo above shows a group of cyclists turned away from their morning cycle because the gates are locked – 7th June, 2014)

This writer notes another incident:

On the morning of Sunday 31 August at 8.00am, I was with a group of cyclists. We found the gates at the north east end of  Prince of Wales Road locked, thereby preventing access to Molineaux Point. This issue has been raised at a  past meeting.

  • Do you have any minute records of this item?
  • Is there any reason for these gates to be there at all?

One thought on “Access Molineux Point and Prince of Wales Drive”

  1. Yes, this is a fantastic route for cyclists, drivers and joggers and offers a rare view of the harbour otherwise not often seen. The gates are often closed, however the timing is inconsistent from my experience. This is a great community amenity and the public would love access during the day.

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