WestConnex Issues raised in Submissions

westconnex-stage-2-670x350Excerpts from Chapters 1-4 (Responses made to Key Stakeholders on Cycling) 

and further below the excerpts are from Chapter 5 responses to community on cycling as well as Climate Change

Issue description – cycleway adjacent to rail corridor Rockdale City

Council has requested that the proponent commit to the construction of a commuter cycleway adjacent to the rail corridor between Kingsgrove and Mascot, as promised as part of the M5 East Motorway project.


The project would enhance cycling infrastructure and connectivity at the western and eastern ends of the project (refer Section 5.5.2 of this report). The project would be in tunnel from the western tunnel portals in Kingsgrove to the eastern ramp portals located at the St Peters interchange, precluding cycling infrastructure along this section of the project. The project does not propose to construct surface infrastructure between the western and eastern tunnel portals. Existing cycle links are provided along the local street network in this area. The provision of additional cycling infrastructure is not part of the project scope, and would not contribute to meeting the project objectives articulated in Chapter 3 of the EIS. Extending the existing cycleway along Wolli Creek Valley to connect the western and eastern cycle infrastructure was investigated as part of the M5 East Motorway project. That investigation identified that a cycleway at this location would not be feasible as it would require additional land acquisition. Continue reading WestConnex Issues raised in Submissions


Safer Cycling on Botany Bay